No short text An undeveloped campground amongst the ponderosa pines in the Gila National Forest.

Campground data:

Controlling agency: Gila National Forest; Wilderness Ranger District
Official URL:Forest service web page for Sapillo CG
Region: Southwest; Gila.
North of Mimbres and south of Lake Roberts.
CG elevation: 6000ft; 1829m
Campsite count: 1. This is a dispersed camping area, so there is no specific campsite count.
Visual density: 0.00. It all depends on how many people are there and where they are parked. The area is an open ponderosa forest, so you are likely to see (and hear) other campers.
Fee: $0.00.
Season: All year. Snow affects whether or not you can get into the campground.
Dogs: Yes. on leash
Horses: Yes.
Handicapped accessible: Unknown.
General tent notes: Plenty of relatively flat areas. No tent pads.
RV parking surface: dirt
RV pull-through spaces? Yes.
RV parking notes: The campsites are pull-through only because there is no official place to park, so you can drive around the trees to get out again.
Campground facilities: vault toilet(s).
Campground attractions: wildlife (We saw wild turkeys nearby.).

When we visited it:


Waypoint Type Description
GSCGCampgroundSapillo Campground


Paper maps:
Map name Cartographer Year Scale Topo map? Online access Notes
Gila National Forest US Forest Service 1997 1:126720 N from Amazon (purchase) South half
Gila Wilderness US Forest Service 1984 1:63360 Y from Amazon (purchase) East half
Mogollon Mountains BLM 1987 1:100000 Y from Amazon (purchase)
Wildernesses of New Mexico US Forest Service 1981 1:1000000 N No online copies. Base map with national forests, wilderness areas and highways.

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Getting to the campground:

Take NM 35 north from Mimbres. At the sign, turn left. Follow the main dirt road; there are several smaller side roads which you do not want. At a Y, there is (or was when we were there) a sign with an arrow pointing right. Take the right branch. The campground is only a little farther.

No short text

About the campground:

Campground area
There is not much to this campground but the ponderosa pine forest.
However, at least when we visited, this campground is one where you are less likely to be bothered by any neighbors. However, the Forest service says that the campground receives moderate use.
Campground area

Plants we saw around the campground:

Reader comments about this campground:

On Sun Jul 24 10:47:41 2005, Dennis Betts from Las Cruces, New Mexico said:
Very nice unimproved campground...Close to lake Roberts.....

On Mon Apr 17 06:30:44 2006 Steve from Las Cruces, NM said:
I was very disapointed. I was expecting this camp site to be undeveloped. Instead I found that the forest service has installed potties and trash cans.

Our visit was inundated with ATVs and hikers who would invade our camp site. It was noisy and no privacy. There were over 100 campers, trailers and even a few bus size RVs who parked there.

On Fri Mar 7 19:53:23 2008 lilj from Deming said:
It was really fun and my grand kids really liked it because they got to ride there four wheelers. Its a fun place to ride four wheelers and just relax well your kids have fun.

On Mon Mar 31 13:38:35 2008 Norma from Somewhere said:
We love this campground --- its clean thanks to trash cans.

We love that we can go ride the 4 wheelers, good clean fun for the entire familiy

On Fri May 2 21:52:07 2008 Jacob from Deming said:
We loved it there because it was clean and we got to ride the four wheelers. If you go you will have fun and if any one wanna ride in a group email me at

On Sun Apr 5 11:39:58 2009 steve from las cruces said:
I hope nobody strings piano wire around the sites to dissuade ATV riders.

On Sun May 16 15:20:45 2010 Ruben from Las Cruces NM said:
Wasmy firdt timr to this campsite I really enjoyed it because it was somewhat secluded at the time in which I went the campgrounds were clean and the portajohns were clean as well. Also it was in close proximity to lake Roberts making it an easy commute to the lake, I will definately be back!!

On Sat Apr 16 14:08:53 2011 Disgruntled from The Road, USA said:
4-wheelers/ATV's? Thank God we were there before this was allowed. There is no need to come to a place like this to despoil it with what are, essentially, leaf-blowers.

On Mon Jul 11 14:09:18 2011 mel from las cruces said:
Its GREAT if you have ATV's, a large group and dont mind the noise. Remember it is FREE! Find yourself a campsite that is a little further from the main circle and it is a little less noisy -

On Tue Jul 12 14:20:23 2011 Anonymous from El Paso, Texas said:
I was first introduced to the Sapillo campground 22 years ago when I started dating my now husband. I was not used to NO available bathrooms & no showers. My husband introduced me to the woods and showed me how to rough it when camping. We have now been married 20 years and continue to camp at this campground. Our children have been out here since they were born and look forward to camping every year. For those who want more privacy at this campground, just go deeper in the woods. We also enjoy going to the Gila river to swim, which is approxiamtely a 45 minute drive from the campsite. It's great!!

On Wed May 15 22:05:12 2019 Mr Ed from Silver City NM said:
I like this campground a lot, but my stay there Easter weekend was the worst experience ever. Atv's were racing and spinning out on the curves, kicking up clouds of dust on the main road around the camp. They played extremely loud music and flashing color lights from 7am to 3 in the morning for three days. Met one family that was afraid to allow their kids out to play. My wife was walking our dog and had to jump out of the way of a utv. The situation was out of control. I have some video, But no rangers were around at all!

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