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Last updated: Thu Aug 25 14:23:20 MDT 2005

Our privacy policy is quite simple. The only place on this site that asks for any personal information at all is the suggestion/submission forms. The only reason for asking for your email address is so that we can reply to your suggestion. If you leave the field blank, your suggestion or submission is simply taken as an anonymous comment.

We do keep records of the IP addresses used to visit us for tracking where our visitors come from and for other system administration tasks such as capacity planning.

Because we support this site with ads, the advertisers might place and/or read cookies on your browser. Your browser has controls to allow you to set what cookies are saved and when. If you are not familiar with them, you should go find them and learn more.

It is possible that this policy will change in the future. However, since Kenneth is concerned about privacy, it is unlikely that we will ever be invading the privacy of our visitors.

We do have links to other sites. They set their own privacy statements. Note that Google (on the search page) and Amazon (on the book reviews and search pages) have different privacy policies, and they provide part of the information on those pages.

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