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2018-02-04 The pages for the following plants: Thicksepal catseyeCryptantha crassisepala, Fleabane daisy Erigeron divergens Fendler's ragwort Packera fendleri Sidebells penstemon Penstemon secundiflorus are now up or improved. Images of the flowers of <em>Penstemon secundiflorus</em>.
2017-10-01 The pages for the following plants: Purple locoweed: Oxytropis lambertii, Rocky Mountain bristlecone pine: Pinus aristata, Foothills Indian paintbrush: Castilleja integra, Claret cup cactus: Echinocereus triglochidiatus, Littleflower alumroot: Heuchera parviflora, Mountain figwort: Scrophularia montana, and Common hoptree: Ptelea trifoliata are now up or improved. Claret cup cactus
2016-07-31 The pages for the Upper Lagunitas and Lower Lagunitas campgrounds are now up. View of lake and lower Lagunitas CG from Upper
Lagunitas CG
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