This page is here because some people seem to believe that no matter what they do, someone must be responsible if they are not completely happy. Sorry, life has no guarantees.

Kenneth Ingham Consulting, LLC and ExploreNM.com is not responsible for any of the facilities reported on in these pages. We report on what we saw when we visited; things change with time. If you do not like what you find, volunteer to help improve it or leave.

Driving on New Mexico highways is hazardous. Theoretically, if you are driving, you have driver's license and know about these hazards. Back roads may be rough and may damage your vehicle. You were driving; it is ultimately your decision whether to drive any road.

Outdoor activities involve hazards such as lightning, steep dropoffs, wild animals, dehydration, high or low temperatures, etc. Explorenm.com provides some information which may help you prepare for a hike; however, you are responsible for properly preparing yourself for the hike.

In other words, you get what you paid for; ExploreNM.com does not cost you anything to visit.

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