Camping kitchen box

This box is what we carry when car camping and it contains the cooking utensils that we are likely to always need.

Cooking tools
sharp knives (2)bread knife cutting board
hot pan holder cooking spoons (2) pancake turner(2)
cook pan set frying pan tongs
pot gripper ladle pot drainer
church key can opener corkscrew
wisk measuring spoons wine stoppers (2)
wine pump vegetable peeler pasta spoon
corn holders flat grater Silicone spatula
cups (4 insulated) bowls (4) REI wine glasses (2)
plate holders (4) paper plates forks (4)
table knives (4) spoons (4) soup spoons (4)
paper towels trash bags dish scrubber or sponge
dish towels (>= 2) leftover containers dish soap
zip top bags pan scraper hand sanitizer
candle lantern matches spare propane
long reach lighter aluminum foil

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