Gray oak: Quercus grisea

According to Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center, gray oak is most common as a shrub in New Mexico. Here, however, it appears as a small tree. The leaves are leathery, oval, and grayish or blue-green in color.
Gray oak overview
Botanical Characteristics:

More information and pictures:

oak catkins
Closeup of the catkins, the male flowers for the oak.
The female flowers appear where the leaves attach to the branch.
gray oak female flowers
front of the leaf of <em>Quercus grisea</em>
Front of the leaf.
Closeup of the back of the leaf. Note the numerous hairs. Dewitt Ivey (Flowering Plants of New Mexico, 5th ed) says, "leaf hairs more abundant [both sides] than other oaks."
back of the leaf of <em>Quercus grisea</em>




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