Littleflower alumroot: Heuchera parviflora

Pictured here are the greenish-white flowers of Heuchera parvifolia. We observed this plant along the Falls Trail in Bandelier National Monument on the rocky slopes adjacent to the trail. Its bloom stalk (leafless) rises from a group of distinctive basal leaves.
Greenish-white flowers of <em>Heuchera parvifolia</em>.
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Overview of <em>Heuchera parvifolia</em>, commonly called alumroot.
Overview of Heuchera parvifolia, commonly called alumroot. This plant is known to occur in “Rock outcrops from ponderosa pine and mixed conifer forests” according to Robert Sivinski (Checklist of Vascular Plants in the Sandia and Manzano Mountains of Central New Mexico, Occasional Papers of the Museum of Southwestern Biology, 10:1-67, 2007). Overview picture is from the Falls Trails, Bandelier National Monument, NM.
Greenish-white flowers of Heuchera parvifolia.
Greenish-white flowers of <em>Heuchera parvifolia</em>.
Leaves of <em>Heuchera parvifolia</em>.
Leaves of Heuchera parvifolia. Notice also that tiny hairs on the plant stem.




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